Getting Started

Practice on a Featured Flow copy

To gain an appreciation of the types of presentations that can be constructed using the Flow Editor, please visit the Flow Editor Home Page or scroll to the bottom of this article to view several of the Featured Flows that are available.

The Featured Flows provide rich examples of the types of data visualizations and presentations that can be generated using Flow.

You will see various Flow presentations containing global and country maps, multi-dimensional line charts, scatterplots, time-series, innovative ways of expressing dimensions of size and value, interesting animations, all available in a 3-D space designed to enable the presenter and audience to view the data from a variety of perspectives.  These perspectives enable data stories to be presented in imaginative and enlightening ways.

When you view the Flows, please use your mouse to control the view of the Charts in the 3-D space:

Rotate the view of the 3-D space (left-click and move the mouse)
Drag the view (right-click or Shift-left-click and move the mouse)
Zoom in and out (use your mouse scroll wheel)

Using the pencil icon in the top right corner, you can edit a copy of any of our Featured Flows to check out all the parts and pieces it took to build in the Editor. Feel free to play around with the settings to get an idea of how things work and the many ways you can build cool data stories!


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