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Flow's "highlighting features" enable Flow designers or Presenters to highlight one or more members of line graphs, area charts or other objects located in charts so that the highlighted members can be discussed or compared during the data story presentation.

For example in the screenshot shown above in the Labels section, perhaps the presenter would like to highlight the line graphs for the United Kingdom and France so that the life expectancy graphs for those two countries could be compared during the presentation.

Highlighting is specified for a specific Swarm for a specific Step.

In the screenshot below highlighting has been defined so that one or more country records can be highlighted, and the unselected countries can then be removed from the chart.


Screenshot  Example of Highlighting to compare two countries

To highlight the first member of a Chart, click on any Dot within the member.
To highlight an additional member, shift-click on any Dot within the additional member.
To return the entire chart to its original state, click anywhere off the Chart.