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Methods of Sharing and Presenting Flows

There are so many ways to get your Flow into the hands of your audience. 

Synchronous meetings are real-time, whether in-person or remote. Asynchronous links can be shared via email, social media, or embedded on your website. An example of a number of these are condensed into this video.

Asynchronous experiences:

  1. A direct link with narrative text overlay, optimized for computer and mobile devices - example here  

  2. AR video (captured with a cell phone running Chrome on Android, no post-processing here) -  examples here 

Synchronous experiences:

  1. Share in a video call using Flow Tricast with Zoom integration.

  2. Remote meetings with multiuser synchronized steps, with full interactivity for all participants joining via web browsers on computers and phones.

  3. Multiuser AR/VR meetings with simple avatars and laser pointers, experienced within AR/VR headsets, Mobile AR, and any other device with a browser.