Sharing and Displaying FAQ

  • You can use the "Share" button in the main ribbon to share your Flow with a colleague.  Click the "Share Privately" button and enter the colleague's email address into the provided field, then click "Share".  After you share your Flow, please make sure to set the access permissions that you want your colleague to have for editing your Flow.  If you want your colleague to be able to view your Flow, but not edit your Flow, click the green "Edit" button to toggle it to the "off" position.  If you want your colleague to be able to make a copy of your Flow for their own use, be sure that the "Allow remix" box is checked within the list of Settings.
  • You can share your Flow so that anyone with the link can access it.  Click the "Share" button and then click the "Enable Public Link" button. To send the URL to a colleague, you can copy the URL that is displayed in the "Enable Public Link" section.  A QR code is also available if you want to invite your colleague to access your Flow using a phone.
  • Check out our article on using Flow on your mobile device (and how to put Flows into AR mode)
  • Check out our article on using our Flow Tricast App for Zoom integration.
  • The Hololens 2 upon first opening uses the older version of Microsoft Edge, and after the device has run Windows Update for two major system updates, Microsoft Edge will be updated to the correct chromium-based WebXR capable version and will be able to load Flow. The easiest way to tell the update has happened is you will see the menu icon for Microsoft Edge go from this:


    to this, on the Hololens 2, indicating it is the updated Chromium based Edge version:image2.png

    To update Windows or check your Windows version, go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Updateimage3.jpg