Security and Privacy FAQ

  • No. When your browser goes into AR mode, it uses all local processing to place content in your room, never sending camera information to our servers. Browsers are very secure for this, and you can be confident that your camera view is private to you. As you move around, just your phone position in 3D space is sent to our server so that your avatar moves in sync with other viewers.

  • Flow has been built to high levels of Enterprise-grade security. We do not support HIPAA-level security, so our terms of use ask you not to include Social Security Numbers or individually identifiable personal health information (PHI) in your data uploads. Flow is hosted on AWS, with encrypted databases and password-secured access so only you and people you invite to Flow, each also established with a password, will be able to see your Flow. Your CSV files are secured against unauthorized access by anyone except your explicit shares.

  • An individual Flow can be converted for offline use, but needs our involvement. The Flow Editor and multiuser functionality is only available online, as this is a modern massively scalable cloud application. For customer enterprise implementations we can install on your own VPN’d Intranet on AWS, on Azure, or possibly your own Linux servers. Some of our financial services customers explore this option. Please get in touch!