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Global settings

Here you can upload your own data source (you can access all data sources in the "..." panel), or use one of ours from the library.
In format data, you can choose from different rounding, precision, and formatting settings for columns in your dataset.
This is also the place to create new Connections, Labels, and Area Charts.

Per step settings

Here you can configure additional settings for Chart type, Size and Color, Filters, and Interactions.


Location, orientation, and size of the Swarm can be edited via position, rotation, and scale, respectively. You can use the sliders or the up and down arrows to adjust the value, or alternatively, you can type a number in directly. The small minus signs to the right of each value allows you to easily reset them back to default (0). 

When Animate between steps is toggled on, the Swarm can exist on two different steps with different positioning. If off, any changes you make to positioning will apply to all other steps.

The Apply position to all steps button will re-position the Swarm on all steps according to your current settings.

The reset button will re-position the Swarm to its default origin positioning on the current step.